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Corvus Capital.

Corvus Capital, founded in 2009, specializes in private equity and private debt investments in real estate across North America, focusing on Mexico and the United States.


The firm is led by Adrian Aguilera, who brings more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector and has been instrumental in conducting over $3.7 billion USD worth of real estate transactions. Aguilera's leadership has steered the company toward identifying and capitalizing on promising investment opportunities. The company, through its sponsorship, co-investment and active day-to-day involvement in Vertex Real Estate Investments, demonstrates its expertise by managing funds from Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, and Family Offices for more than a decade.


Corvus Capital's management approach is rooted in a strong sense of fiduciary duty and stringent corporate governance, ensuring that investments are managed with professionalism and integrity. Corvus Capital thrives on its deep insights into the economic dynamics between the US and Mexico, especially in the dollarized sectors of hospitality and industrial real estate.


The firm leverages its extensive networks and strategic partnerships to gain exclusive entry to select, off-market investment opportunities, giving it a competitive edge in the industry. With around 15 years of delivering solid returns and completing successful investment rounds, Corvus Capital has built a reputation as a trustworthy player in real estate investment. Its commitment to transparency and operational efficiency has cultivated a culture of trust with investors, securing their interests and achieving exceptional investment results.

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